Smitten by Autumn

I guess I’m making the mental transition into fall. I got this view walking back from the mail box this afternoon.  Gee it’s lovely. Mild temperature, slight drizzle and stunning colors with the mountains in the background.


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Fall morning

Quite a different view than yesterday: mild, light rain, beautiful trees.


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Fall Sunrise

Beautiful fall sunrise today but the forecast looks gray for the rest of the week.


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Another Warm Weather Record

From the National Weather Service-Seattle:

High in Seattle today 74. 114th day this year with a high 70° or more. Record for # of days with highs 70 plus in a year…115 (1992).

So in addition to the record number of days over 80 we now have one for days over 70.

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Photo Effects

I’ve been playing around with some photo effects software. I kind of like this variation of one of my favorite pictures of Bandon Beach in Oregon:


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Home Again

The return trip from Denver to North Bend was pleasant and uneventful. I had a window seat and caught a glimpse of the Grand Tetons over Wyoming.



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Denver Golf Day 3

Our brief golf sojourn ended with a morning round at Red Hawk Ridge near Castle Rock, CO. This isn’t an especially scenic course but its wide fairways and generous greens present scoring opportunities for hacker golfers. I had perhaps my best ball-striking day ever tagging two 270-yards plus drives and recording no blow-up holes for a final score of 86. I finally felt like the March lessons and countless hours of practice over the past couple of months are paying dividends.


Great back swing…


… and perfect impact position

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