A Bit of Golf

With a little break in the weather (some sun and low 50s) I spent an hour or so at Mt. Si practicing then played the back nine; my first Mt. Si outing of 2016. Shot a satisfying 41 with 5 bogeys and 4 pars… and no balls lost in the woods.

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Bandon Dunes Sunrise

In my seven trips to Bandon Dunes I’ve been blessed with such good weather. Although I had mostly overcast yesterday and even a bit of light rain at the very end of the day, I got another gorgeous sunrise this morning.Bandon_practice_range_2314

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At Bandon Dunes

I had an easy drive from North Bend to Bandon and arrived in time to get in an hour of practice before sunset. Got this view of the 7th and 8th holes of the Bandon Dunes courseBandon_Dunes_10277from behind the Pacific Dunes clubhouse.

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Yes! A Strange Weather Year

Summary in today’s Seattle Times confirms it’s been a strange weather year. Certainly it’s been abnormally warm:


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It Has Been Very Rainy

I see that since November 1st, rainfall total has been 18.43 inches; the second heaviest rainfall for that period ever.

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Pastoral Rumination

On the way to the gym this morning I stopped to snap a photo of Mt. Si and was greeted with much excited mooing.


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Snow Glow

After a couple of hours of heavy, wet snow tree branches are sagging low to the ground. With the Christmas lights in front of the house, it made for a pleasing vista through the living room window.


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