New Duck

We had a treat today….  Joining our regular small troop of mallards a beautiful male wood duck stopped by for an afternoon snack.  What a  cool bird!


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Backyard Birds Puzzle

At just 500 pieces, this puzzle went very quickly even though the tree trunks and branches were a challenge.  We love the colors.


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Old Macdonald

I started my three-day mega golf event on the benign Pacific Dunes course where I shot an OK 92.  For the second round of the day I decided to finally take on the more-challenging Old Macdonald course, about which I had heard omninous stories and purposely avoided on earlier trips.  I was pleasantly surprised.  ‘Old Mac’ is unlike any course I’ve played: it has huge sweeping vistas, the widest possible fairways, intimidating bunkers and absolutely massive greens.  But I played ok.  In spite of a couple of really ugly holes I shot another 92 with a steady 36 putts, a reasonable achievement on these greens.

7th green at Old Macdonald

7th green at Old Macdonald


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Return to Bandon Dunes

The Mt. Si Golf Course decided to take advantage of a few days of lovely spring weather to aerate the greens so I was left with driving a ways if I wanted to play any of the nicer, more challenging nearby courses.  On a whim, I decided to use the drive time to go all the way back to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and get in an orgy of golf all at once.  So less than a month after my previous trip I loaded up and headed south.  Sunday was a gray day but perfect for the seven hour drive.  I got to Bandon in plenty of time to get in a couple of hours of practice and have an early dinner in the town of Bandon.  I got some nice photos of the sunset near the famous Face Rock on Bandon Beach.



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Ducks Puzzle

We finished another jigsaw puzzle today….


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Woodpeckers Puzzle

This one proved to be the most difficult of the puzzles we’ve done so far.  In addition to the challenge of the similarly-colored birds and tree trunks, it had many very bizarrely-shaped pieces. It is nice, though, and we are thinking of keeping it as a reference for the many woodpecker varieties we see in the backyard.


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Bandon Dunes Sunset

Bandon Dunes is a fabulous place for golf but it also offers some spectacular sunsets.


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